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*12/27/2017 Updates -Holiday Times... - The Christmas holidays can be overwhelming, and I frequently find them that way myself. I have been trying to keep a bit more open mind about things this year, and try not to get so stressed-out. For the most part I've been successful, I'm happy to report. Though the weather has turned decidedly colder (just 17F in Branford when we woke up this morning), I've even managed to get in a tiny bit of old car fun lately, when I took the "Creeky" '69 Bug out for a little ride around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve afternoon, and down to Stony Creeky Village, where I was very pleased to capture THIS amazing sunset scene... Far be it for me to offer advice, but I'll just say that, from my own perspective, it pays to try to live and enjoy each day in a positive spirit, try to spend some time here and there with friends and family, because all too soon it can be taken away... Peace...

*10/13/2015 VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES - What do you know--our beloved Comcast completely shut down their personal web space manager last week, so we no longer have the ability to update/revise/change, etc., ANYTHING that is published there! In some ways this is very liberating (since we have no choice but to "start fresh"), but in others it's pretty darned frustrating! Seeing as how local-area old car events are, when it comes right down to it, what really turn us on the most, and want to cotinue to compile and share that information, that's what we're going to focus on FOR NOW... So below are the only of our own links we are publishing at this time... Oh, and to keep up on a lot of the "day-to-day"-type stuff that interests us, please do send us a "friend" request on Facebook!

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Our New Classified Advertising page (latest upates as of 1/14, 1/23, 1/30, 12/1/2017, 4/22/2018)
The newly-relocated home of the "Common Gear Heroes of Antique Volkswagening" program (with link to the C/G Discussion Group) (latest updates as of 5/22/2016, 1/14/2017, 5/21, 5/23/2017, 3/9, 4/19/2018)
Don't Ask Me About Volkswagens - an editorial (latest upates as of 7/26, 8/3/2017)

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